Are you like me? Well, that question needs some clarification. Are you like me when it comes to waiting as long as possible to replace an item that has long past it's usefulness? I am so guilty of this.

About a year ago, my clothes dryer was not completely drying whatever I shoved in it. Took about four or five cycles to get everything dry. And no, I did not overload the dryer with clothes. And yes, I cleaned the dryer lint trap after every cycle. Finally, I got my butt out of the house and went shopping for a new one. So many choices. It took me a while to decide on one.

Then, my dishwasher started to show wear. Dishes would not be completely clean, and detergent was still on some of the pots, pans and silverware. I got tired of re-washing dishes from the dishwasher. Sure, I could go back to the old school way of washing dishes in the sink, but who are we kidding? You do know me, right?

And then the streak of stuff breaking on me continued with my high top van. Sure it was old, and lugging heavy mobile Dj equipment over the years probably helped to take a toll on the wear and tear of the van. And then there's the rust. Started showing up everywhere, but the van was paid off, and I was trying to keep from having to buy another van and make monthly payments again. Well, after the rust broke through between the top of the windshield and the high top part of the van, it was game over.

Then there was the air-conditioning unit shutting down in the middle of summer. Permanently. Hello new A/C and monthly payments to accompany it. Finally, my trusty 25 year old refrigerator is moaning that it's time to shut it down. I have been casually looking for anew one. And again, so many choices. Single door? Double doors? Freezer on the top or the bottom? Or one side freezer, one side refrigerator? Some even have a door in the door so you can put stuff in there that you access more than other food items.

It's not that I don't want shiny new vehicles, appliances, furniture or whatever needs replacing, it's that I would rather spend money on what I want, not what I need. Pretty irresponsible, I guess.

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