I play the lottery a lot, especially Mega Millions and Powerball when the jackpot climbs as high as they are now. I even play it when it's not that high, but if I forget to buy tickets when it's only a 20 million dollar jackpot, I don't lose sleep over it.

Now with the Mega Millions Jackpot at 654 million I will be buying some extra tickets for tonight's drawing. If I was to win the Mega Millions the first thing I would do would be to change my underwear because I'm sure I would soil myself. I would also probably injure myself jumping up and down and screaming at the top of my lungs. But I would end up getting rid of most of that money.

The first thing I would do would be to go to my accountant and find a good tax lawyer. I would set up bank accounts with large sums of money and live off the interest. Not too much, I would set it up that my wife and I would learn about $500,000 a year in interest. I would take care of each one of my family members by giving them enough money that they can retire as well. I would also take care of my closest friends giving them some money too.

I would give away the majority of the money to nonprofit organizations. I would start with my church that I go to now, the church I grew up in, and I would give millions of dollars to the order of missionary priests that my three uncles belonged to. They have Mission setup all around the world as well as here in the United States.

I would set up accounts to fund just about every soup kitchen in the Binghamton area for many years to come. I would also help the homeless in our area and maybe even build a new homeless shelter.

I would also send a huge check to St Jude's Children's Hospital as well as the American Cancer Society, The American Heart Association, and a bunch of other organizations like that. I would also donate millions of dollars to help take care of hungry children around the world and I would also give millions of dollars to organizations that take care of animals.

I would have to spend some money on things that would make me happy like; a crap ton of muscle cars, my own golf course, a new house with a huge bar in the basement, a beach house in the Myrtle Beach area right on the ocean, and a house on one of the Finger Lakes, maybe Seneca. I would donate more of the money then I would spend.

What would you do if you won?

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