More and more across the country, we are seeing businesses opening. Some slowly, some full steam ahead for better or worse. New York began phase one on Friday with three more phases gradually coming to fruition. Pennsylvania is dividing up it's counties in red and yellow phases.

It will be interesting to see what the new normal will be like. We've already seen many changes when visiting essential businesses. Wearing masks, standing six feet apart, waiting for the cashier to wipe down the conveyor belt, being separated by a clear plastic shield, avoiding touching anything, using hand sanitizers, etc.

Going out in public sure had been an eye opener for all of us, and while it's frustrating and a bit scary, it's for the protection of ourselves and those around us. With more businesses about to open in New York and Pennsylvania, we may have to get used to many new guidelines.

For example, will restaurants keep a table or booth empty between customers? Will you continue to wait outside the business as some have been doing by limiting the number of customers in the store at a time?

Some businesses will get creative to make customers feel less awkward. For example, according to WHWD-TV 7 in Boston, Massachusetts, one restaurant will operate at half capacity. But to make it look less full, they are placing mannequins at tables between customers. I love that idea.

We may be in this new normal for a long time, so I agree that whatever can be done to make your shopping, eating or entertaining experience stress-free while keeping safe, is a good thing.

via WHWK-TV 7 Boston

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