Thanksgiving was always a big family celebration when I was growing up. When I was old enough to hunt, the day would start with a very early breakfast with my dad. Then we'd spend what seemed like forever getting dressed in warm clothing before setting out to spend the day deer hunting.

Dad and I both had our deer hunting licenses as required of course, and dad always got a doe permit as well. Most Thanksgiving days were quite cold and we had snow on the ground for many, making it easier to track deer.

My dad was a fan of walking around to try to get deer to come my way, and my job was to stand by a tree, being still and quiet. Rarely did it work out, and I would get really bored.

Around midday , we would hook up with a bunch of my uncles to do some drives in the nearby woods. That was fun spending time with my extended family, but after I graduated high school, that ended my hunting days. I kind of lost interest.

After a long day of hunting, we'd settle in for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner that my mom cooked for the family every year. Some years, we would have Thanksgiving dinner at one of my grandparents homes, along with the tons of other relatives I have. Always a good time.

But now it's 2020, and Thanksgiving could look a lot different for many families. Disease experts caution that having extended families or friends at your home or visiting extended families or friends to celebrate Thanksgiving is not recommended this year, to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

My Thanksgivings normally are spent at my sister-in-law's home. This year, we will most likely take a pass on that yearly tradition, and that will be a sad thing. I looked forward to a fun afternoon of food, family and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, which will also not be happening this year. I have heard that there are plans in place with something unique for Thanksgiving Day that we will be able to see on TV and online.

The Thanksgiving holiday will be strange for sure. Just another kick in the pants again, thanks to the coronavirus.

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