Each year several New York residents participate in deer hunting and other game across the state, and this year Broome County will allow 12 and 13 years olds the opportunity to hunt Deer.

According to a news release from the Broome Country Executive’s Office, legislation as been signed that will allow 12 and 13 year old hunters to hunt deer with a rifle, shot gun, or muzzle loading firearm during the specified hunting seasons.

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In the release Broome Country Executive Jason Garner said Hunting is a tradition for many in Broome County and one that families often share from generation to generation,” Garner also says 12- and 13-year-olds were already able to hunt smaller game with firearms, so it made sense to permit them to take deer as well.  We appreciate our state lawmakers who helped make this change in the law a reality.”

All that follow that new age hunting regulations are required to follow the same rules and guidelines, which includes a NYS License to hunt, they must also take a hunting safety course, the youths must also be in supervision by an experienced and licensed adult hunter and must wear fluorescent orange or pink clothing, and must remain at ground level while hunting deer.

Broome County Legislator Dan Reynolds was also quoted in the release as saying “My colleagues and I on the Legislature are proud to support this program that will allow teens to learn more about hunting and expand their interest in the sport.”

Senator Fred Akshar also said in the release “Hunting is a huge part of our upstate community’s way of life and a tradition that spans generations,”

The opportunity for Broome County and other counties across the state to sign this law comes from the 2021-22 State Budget, that allows junior hunters to use firearms for deer hunting in counties who choose to do so.

It is also noted that the New York State law expires after two years and will required renewal for junior hunters to continue to hunt deer with firearms.

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