Since the coronavirus hit the United States, life has thrown so many curve balls at us. We all have our own opinion on what's right and wrong, fake or true, and unfortunately, it's divided our country in ways we've never seen before.

I tend not to get into discussions or debates on right or wrong, and just do my best to not get sick. I have, and I'm sure many others have enough other issues going on in our lives to tend to. For me, 2020 has been a year of a lot of personal challenges. Nothing I can't deal with, but a distraction and inconvenience just the same.

Here's something interesting that has become an issue to address during this pandemic era. It's a bit on the funny side and probably something no one ever thought they'd be addressing. It has to do with kids taking classes at home rather than at school and what their computer's camera picks up during an online class session.

A story from the CBS 12 News in West Palm Beach Florida reports about a recent school board meeting in Boca Raton, Florida where a teacher had a message to parents who have children taking classes via computer at home. She talked specifically about whenever parents pass behind the computer where the camera can pick up whatever is in view for all to see.

According to the CBS 12 News report, the teacher has asked parents to wear proper clothing. Makes sense, right? No one, especially children want to see half dressed parents on camera, and apparently they have seen quite a bit, or should I say a bit less clothing? The teacher also mentioned for parents to abstain from drinking and smoking while in line of the computer's camera.

I have to admit, it's a bit funny thinking about it, but this teacher brings up a great point. I would even go as far as being aware of what the camera can pick up in the room aside from a person. Is there something on the walls or a shelf that would not be appropriate for all to see?

So many things to think about these days. If I had kids who were taking classes at home, I'd do my best to set up their virtual classroom in a room that is most isolated and distraction free from the rest of the house if possible. Since I don't have children, that one less thing I have to deal with during this pandemic. I feel your pain, parents. I really

via CBS 12 News

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