While we were answering the phones today for the St Jude Radiothon, one of the St Jude employees, Kyle who's from the Boston area, asked what should she do while in Binghamton.? She mentioned that she wanted to go visit April the giraffe. The owner of Animal Adventure volunteered to work the phones today as well, and he told her he doesn't open until April. Then she asked what Binghamton was famous for. It was an interesting conversation because Senator Fred Akshar was in the room as well as an employee of the Binghamton Chamber of Commerce and Broome County Executive Jason Garnar. Plus, there were two students from Binghamton University also volunteering at the time. Some of the things that came up were Spiedies. We had to explain to her what they were, and then we ended up having them for lunch. They told her Binghamton was the Carousel Capital of the World and explained why. They also told her that Binghamton was the home of the late Rod Serling, (we had to tell her about the Twilight Zone) and that our area was the birthplace of IBM and of Dick's Sporting Goods.

I thought of a few more things that we should tell our visitors about the area including; the late Johnny Hart and the BC Comic Strip and about Edward A Link and how his simulators helped train Pilots for the World Wars. What else do you think I should tell her tomorrow? What am I missing when it comes to the history and the legacy of Binghamton? What do you tell people about our area?

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