I took Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off this week to make for a relaxing extended weekend so to speak. Was it the best idea taking only a portion of the work week off? This, and other things are what I learned this week.

And the answer is yes and no. Every week is a busy week for me at work, and when I'm not here, others have to pick up my daily responsibilities. So to that fact, it's a good idea not to burden my co-workers for a full week. But I learned that it would probably be a better idea to take the entire week off. Getting back into the swing of things and catching up on a whole week jammed into two days is not fun.

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While browsing the Whale App and the Whale website, I learned, and I hope you learned too, a few things we didn't otherwise know. Here are a few examples of what we learned this week from our articles:

We learned that Blockbuster had the opportunity to buy Netflix when the company was just starting out sending DVDs through the mail. Netflix grew at an amazing rate, becoming Blockbuster's biggest competitor and it's success is a big reason Blockbuster is gone. Well, almost gone. There's one Blockbuster left in n Bend, Oregon.

We learned that corned beef and cabbage is not a traditional Irish dish. Apparently it's not native to Ireland. No matter. I will still enjoy this dish on St. Patrick's Day.

Coffee lovers, we learned that coffee producers in the U.S. are thinking about raising the price of coffee. That's bound to upset those of you who love coffee. Thank goodness I don't.

This week, we learned that the person who invented the cassette, passed away. Lou Ottens passed away this week. He was 94. I still have a ton of cassettes lying around. Don't use them anymore, but there they sit, waiting to be heard again.

To add to your bank account, this week we learned when you will get the 3rd stimulus check. That is, if you are qualified to receive one. I am, and it will go to home repair needs.

And this week, I learned that trying to walk a mile uphill through heavy snow to visit my camper was probably not the best idea. Especially since it was crunchy snow along with patches of ice. I do this every year, do check up on my campsite and camper, plus it's a nice day getaway, but most years, the walk in is easier with no snow to walk through.

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