Last Saturday after I got done on the air here on the Whale, I drove down to Mansfield PA for the Mansfield football game. My stepson is in his senior year at Mansfield University and he plays snare in the marching band., so my wife and I try and catch every football game we can. Last week we were down there in shorts and t-shirts and it was hot. We sat there watching the game and we were sweating the whole time. This past Saturday, after I got off the air, we drove down for Mansfield's homecoming game versus Cortland. This time around we were both wearing jeans, winter jackets, and sat there for the night game with a blanket draped over our legs. And we froze. By the second quarter we were seeing our breath while watching the game.

A cool note on Mansfield. They held the first night time football game ever. Professional football, college football, high school football, all played during the day until Mansfield University played their first game at night under portable lights. This year they celebrated the 125th anniversary of the first night time football game. They have a big ceremony before the first night game of the season to honor the event. This Saturday they had former Pittsburgh Steeler and Hall of Fame member, Franco Harris flip the switch to turn the lights on at the stadium. The game didn't go well for Mansfield. They were up seven nothing and then Cortland went on to blow them out. But, it's still cool to be there when they honor the memory of the first night time football game.

Here's the video of the Luma Ceremony

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