As I was scrolling through Facebook today, I saw several of my friends posted a link that was supposed to give you an $80 coupon for Wegmans. I thought to myself, that sounds too good to be true. I was right.

According to WENY, you do not want to click on it. Wegmans issued a statement the saying the coupon is a scam involving a fraudulent Facebook account.

There is no word on whether or not there's a virus attached to it, but to be safe, just don't click on it.

The posts that I saw today look pretty official because it has the Wegmans logo on it and it claims that the store is the one giving away the voucher. But according to the report, Wegmans said it is not associated with the giveaway on Facebook.

I just it's just another example that if something sounds too good to be true, it's probably not true.

[via WENY]

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