Some businesses are requiring their employees to wear masks again, and according to a tweet from Wegmans, they are now requiring store employees to wear as mask and strongly encourage customers to do so as well.


Once the vaccinations became available, I thought that would "nip this virus in the bud" as they say. But not everyone is on board, and we have a country divided with opinions. I understand and appreciate that everyone should be entitled to their own opinion.

When we were first asked to wear a mask, I was reluctant. But I finally gave in, and got used to wearing it everywhere outside of my home. Well, as used to it as you can. And when things began to settle down earlier this year, I felt weird not wearing a mask, but now am comfortable doing so. Now, as I visit area businesses, I see store employees and many customers wearing masks again.

The Wall Street Journal reported that major businesses such as McDonalds, Home Depot and Target are now requiring their employees to wear a mask at work. Are we headed backward? I hope not, but I guess I'll be picking up another supply of masks.

via Twitter, Wall Street Journal

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