The number of new COVID-19 cases in the Twin Tiers is continuing to slow to a trickle as more people are being vaccinated but a few additional deaths are also reported for the week.

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Cortland County June 17 reported a person died of complications from the coronavirus, bringing the county death toll to 64.  In Pennsylvania, Bradford and Wayne Counties each reported two more lives lost to the pandemic over the week. Bradford County deaths total 93 while 82 people have died due to the pandemic in Wayne County.

Other updated pandemic numbers are as follows: New York State had 418 new cases to report June 17 for a total of 2,093,418.  Five more New Yorkers died for a total of 42,896. Boome County had two new cases reported in the June 17 update for a pandemic total of 18,121.  There have been 351 lives lost.  Chenango County had two additional cases for a total of 3,501. There have been 77 deaths.  Cortland County had no new cases with the total remaining at 4,584 but that additional death due to COVID complications.  Delaware County updated its figures on Thursday, reporting ten new cases for the week for a total of2,009 and 49 deaths.

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Tioga County had two more cases from its last report for a total of 3,898.  The death toll stands at 79.

In Pennsylvania, Bradford County had 17 new cases for the week, Susquehanna had eight new cases.  The death toll stands at 63 and Wayne County had nine new cases for the week.

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