My husband and I work opposite shifts and only get to see each other for about 15 minutes a day which is why our weekends are so precious to us.

Jay and I have two days to get everything done that we're not able to do during the week and because we do so much running over the course of two days, it feels like our weekends are almost non existent. More than anything, we crave just one quiet weekend with no interruptions where we can stay in our pajamas and lounge on the couch.

I guess that it's a good thing that my family has virtually no downtime because there's a new study which has found that being lazy on the weekends is actually worse for your weight than sitting at a desk all week.

In other words, camping out on the couch on Saturday and Sunday has more of a negative affect on your body fat than sitting at your desk all day, every day through the week.

According to Health Day, study author Clemens Drenowatz said, "We know that, on average, people consume less or eat healthier diets on weekdays. So, they may be able to get by with less activity on weekdays because their diet makes up for it. On weekends, they're eating more, which requires more activity or less sedentary behavior to offset."

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