With snow in the forecast this week's edition of Joe Knows on 99 1 The Whale, is all about water damage. Joe Knows is a weekly segment featuring Joe Stanley from the Stanley Law Offices. This week, Joe reminded us to make sure the gutters on our house are clean so water can properly drain out and not back up. If the water can’t run down the drainpipe, it could freeze and expand, causing some damage to your roof. Joe also told us about his own personal experience of water damage at his house. A little piece of caulk just got old and fell off his house. He had a little bit of water seep in and it caused damage inside his home. If you see something like that at your house, Joe advises to have it fixed right away because the longer you wait, more damage can be done.

Melting snow sometimes causes floods. If your house or property sustains damage from a flood, your home owners insurance won’t cover that. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you should look into flood insurance. Joe informed us that most insurance companies offer water backup protection. If you elect to take that option, it could cover damage caused from a sewerage or sub pump backup. That would help you pay for repairs to damage caused by water. Joe suggests that you talk to your insurance agent about that coverage to see how much it cost to have that protection.

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