We all know how important it is to have insurance protection on our homes, automobiles and medical bills, but for decades people have been taking out insurance policies for the strangest things.

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I recently renewed the Insurance policies on my home and automobiles, I read over what I was protected against I felt some peace of mind in knowing we were covered in many common areas such as fire, theft, and other damages.

My vehicle was hit from behind about five years ago, the car behind me failed to stop and hit me from behind, driving me into the car in front of me and totaling my vehicle.

My auto insurance took care of me quickly and I was able to buy another vehicle within a week.

When I was younger and didn’t own a home, I purchased renters insurance to cover my personal property, there was water damage in the apartment I rented and my policy covered it, although the landlord gave me a break on a few months rent, I was glad I had renters insurance and I would highly recommend it to anyone who rents an apartment, it’s not that expensive.

And check out some of the strangest things people have insured below.

Unusual Things People Have Had Insured

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