Easter for me is usually one of my favorite holidays. I am Catholic and the week of Easter as the most important time of the year for our religion. But due to the Covid-19 crisis, this year instead of going to church on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we had to watch our church's taped services on YouTube. It was better than nothing, but not the same.

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Besides the religious aspect, Easter for me usually means gathering with the family to enjoy a meal together. On a typical Easter there are at least fifteen of us at my sister's house to enjoy Easter dinner together. After we are done with dinner, some family members go to their extended families to visit while others stick around to play board games, drink, and laugh.

This year's Easter dinner at our house consisted of just us. Chris made our typical Easter dinner including ham, holupki, homemade Paska (Easter Bread), kielbasa, hrin (beet relish that is made with horseradish from our backyard), hrutka, (sweet scrambled egg ball), pressed cheese, two different vegetables, and homemade desserts including Buchta, which is a nut roll, lekvar roll and a cheesecake.

After dinner was over, we played an online version of Cards Against Humanity that consisted of Chris and me from our house in Endicott, my one sister from Carbondale, and my niece who lives in Scranton.

While Easter this year was still nice, it wasn't as nice as it usually is. I'm already looking forward to next year when hopefully we will be able to spend Easter with more of the people we love, and all the leftovers that are waiting for me when I get home.

The pictures below are from a few years back when we hosted Easter at our house.

Easter Past

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