I realize that we are still in the middle of winter, but these past few days of warm weather have done miracles for me and I'm guessing everyone else.

So many people have emerged outside to enjoy these warm temperatures and even some sunshine. It's got to do wonders for that cabin fever we all experience this time of year.

And yes, I know winter will return quickly and probably punish us with very cold temperatures and more snowfall that we'd like to deal with. Remember last March? I believe we averaged around three feet of snow during that one snowstorm.

As you may know, my favorite season is late spring, summer and early fall, and my favorite time of year is May 1st, which is the first day of the camping season. Well, with these warm temperatures, I took advantage of it, skipped out of work early and went to visit my campsite.

I have to walk in since the campground is closed. It was a good time to check on things, and make sure the Endless Mountain winter didn't cause any damage or blow anything away. Those winter winds can be brutal.

I'm happy to report all was well. I got to air out my camper, check on some other friends campers, and then I brought a chair outside and fell asleep in the warm sunshine. Felt like heaven.

As of today, just 68 days until May 1st. Please get here soon.

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