Here's a Strange But True story I didn't have time for this morning, so I figured I would pass it along in my blog.

I found this one on The Independent website. At the University of Nottingham in England, they conducted a study in which the results say that the temperature of your nose is directly connected to how hard your brain is working. According to The Independent, the researchers think it's because your brain is using most of the blood your body has available while you are working hard. .So in other words, there wouldn't be enough blood left to keep your face warm. So sometimes a cold nose has nothing to do with the temperature.

So. next time your boss is complaining that you are not working hard enough, feel your nose, and if it's cold, tell them to feel it.

And if you think about it, we all have those coworkers who's noses are so far up the bosses butt, you could probably fry an egg on theirs.

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