It's a fact, an unfortunate one, but still, a fact that as a society we have become so desensitized to news that only a few years ago would have made our heads spin as they did nearly six years ago when Binghamton University released its findings on the subject of cheating.

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In the Spring of 2016, researchers at Binghamton University released the results of a study and the reaction from most people was a mixed bag, but mostly, we all were really surprised not only that such a subject would be researched but that Binghamton University researchers would encourage such behavior.

The subject was whether or not there was a benefit to cheating and there was a silent but collective gasp from around the country when researchers said not only was there a benefit, but that cheating could actually be GOOD for a person. Or rather, for a woman.

Say what?!?

What about everything we've been taught about loyalty and NOT cheating? Well, Binghamton University researchers found that there was a positive and that all of the pain a woman feels when she finds out that her partner has cheated on her helps her discern what she does and does not want in her next partner. Almost as if being cheated on helps a woman build up her armor in order to protect herself in the future.

Researchers also found that when a woman cheated, it helped them to notice the signs of a cheater so they could avoid entering into a relationship with someone with infidelity issues.

Um. So much for the old saying that two wrongs don't make a right.

Interestingly, researchers didn't dig around to see if men got the same benefit they claim women do from cheating on their significant other.

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