Binghamton University reports the Vestal campus is stepping up in the fight against the pandemic.

Clinic Offers Drive-In Coronavirus Testing As Nationwide Infections Continue To Rise
Alex Grimm/Getty Images

The Department of Biomedical Engineering has donated thousands of disposable gloves, 600 surgical masks, 29 N-95 masks and several disposable gowns to United Health Services Hospitals.

The University says members of the department have also completed a prototype of a mask like the essential N-95 mask using a 3M electrostatically charged filter that can capture viruses.  The department has also designed a way to sterilize N-95 masks with ultraviolet light.

The Department of Systems of Science and Industrial Engineering is working with Lourdes Hospital and UHS to design 3-D print ventilator adaptors that will allow more than one person on a machine if necessary.  Faculty at the Watson School of Engineering are working on a variety of prototypes for adapters that can make one ventilator even supply support for up to six patients.

There is also work being done by the School of Engineering to produce full-face shields for medical workers.


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