Strange times we are now living in. Staying home has become the norm for many, and for those who are essential workers, the job has taken on a new meaning. Their job has become much more intensive, difficult, and dangerous. It's a trying time for everyone for sure.

In addition, some deadlines, rules and procedures have changed, like the plastic bag ban in New York has been pushed back, taxes are not due until the middle of July, and in Virginia, according to NBC12 in Richmond, the Virginia ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) has allowed distilleries in the state to be able to deliver alcohol directly to a consumer's home.

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There are some rules though, including a limit on number of bottles or cases of alcohol delivered to a home per month. Size of the bottle, approved carrier for delivery and of course, someone who is 21 or older to sign for the alcohol delivery are also some of the rules.

If you need alcohol during this pandemic time, this new directive in the state of  Virginia certainly eliminates the need for leaving home, and hopefully any drinking and driving issues.

via NBC12 Richmond

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