I remember many years ago when one of my sisters asked me if I ever bid on or bought items on eBay. To be honest, I  had heard of eBay but never checked it out. I thought it was a bid-only site, not aware that you can buy items as well.

She was getting all sorts of great deals, but I wasn't interested in it, probably because I hadn't really taken a look at what it was all about. Eventually, I did, and have purchased more items than I want to admit.

Sometimes I just type in a word or phrase to see what pops up for sale or bid. And I also like to type in local words, like Southern Tier names to see what may be for sale that has some sort of local angle to it.

It's really like looking past into the past of our community. There are items that you may have never seen before or items that you didn't know were even manufactured in the Southern Tier.

I recently did just that and found some interesting Binghamton area items from the past that are up for bid or for sale. Take a look below at some gems I found.

Vintage Binghamton Items on eBay

Vintage Binghamton Items on eBay

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Take a Look Around the Elmira Home Once Owned by a Hollywood Star

Presented by Daniel Mower of Keller Williams Southern
Tier & Finger Lakes, this Elmira home is listed for $485,000. The home was
once owned by actress and film star Jacqueline Logan as well as by the famed
self-made business man, Franklin B Pollock. This property features six bedrooms and six
bathrooms and is 4,549 square feet, sitting on just over four acres of land. 

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