The Vestal Rail Trail has thousands of visitors over the course of a month.  People of all ages visit.  Families walk together.  Couples walk or run on the trail.  Many ride bicycles or walk their dogs in a pleasant atmosphere.

Along with those who exercise there on a regular basis the Vestal Rail Trail is the site for numerous charitable fund-raising walks and runs.  The Vestal Coal House is the real hub of the Rail Trail. Refreshments are often available there in warm weather months and the Coal House is the site of many non-athletic events like concerts or other presentations.

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The Vestal Rail Trail is a total of 3.8 miles in length. The first portion of the trail runs from the Coal House to African Road and is 2 miles long.  The newer portion runs from Castle Gardens Road to Vestal Road and is 1.8 miles long.

Just off the Rail Trial visitors can take a short walk to see the Wetlands, complete with an elevated deck to get a better view. Part of that view includes The Liberty Tree, planted on August 11, 2011. You can often see various forms of wildlife along sides of the Trail.  Ground hogs, turtles and all kinds of bird species especially near the marshy area not far from the Coal House.  A black bear was spotted a few times on the Trail several years ago.

Take a look at the scenic beauty that you find when you visit the Vestal Rail Trail.  Scroll through a collection of scenery that you can see when you visit the Vestal Rail Trail.

Vestal Rail Trail

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