When I was a kid the only vegetables I liked were corn and asparagus. Now that I'm older I eat just about all veggies except wax beans and Brussels sprouts. I think both of those are the most disgusting of all the vegetables.

When it came to dinner, being from a family of seven kids and my parents being there as well, there was no way to please everyone. My parents would always force me to eat my vegetables no matter how much I pouted or how long I sat there staring at them, they would not give in. I would have to eat wax beans, peas, Lima beans, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, squash and other veggies that would literally make me gag. I would leave them for last and hope my parents would let me leave the table without finishing them, but that never happened. I remember putting a half bottle of ketchup on the Lima beans to kill the taste just so I could eat enough of them to be dismissed.

I thought I was so clever slipping some of the veggies that i didn't like to the dog under the table. But, my parents quickly caught on to that. I would put them in my hands and say I had to go to the bathroom, but my parents caught on to that trick too. From time to time, I would even sneak some of them on one of my siblings plates. If my one of my sisters caught me they would tell my parents. They're lucky I still love them.

If you have a kid that won't eat their veggies, here is a simple trick that might help. According to Time, researchers at Stanford used different labels for veggies in the cafeteria. Instead of just calling it corn, they changed the label to read "rich, buttery, roasted SWEET corn". It worked. Not only did 25% of the students eat it, but they took much bigger portions as well. This was used on adults, but it may work on younger kids too.

I don't care what my mother called the wax beans or Brussels sprouts, I still wouldn't eat them and neither would the dog.


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