When it comes to Christmas trees at our house, my wife and I put up three every year. We start down in the bar in the basement, The Freezone Bar and Grill. We have an artificial Christmas tree from 1968 which was my wife's father's tree. Years ago she thought about throwing it away and I told her we couldn't do that because the tree reminds her of her late father. So we put it to good use every year down in the bar in my basement covered with sports ornaments. We spend many nights during the winter down in the bar, and every Sunday, we are down there with our football friends. The second artificial tree we put up is a 3-foot tree that I received from a friend when I had my own apartment. The first year I had my own apartment I wasn't even going to put up a tree until a friend of mine said you have to have a tree. She showed up with this 3-foot artificial tree with lights and ornaments and everything. We put that in the den in our house in front of one of the windows. Then every year we head out to get a real tree. We used to go to one of the local tree farms every year and cut one down especially when Ian was younger. There are a lot of tree farms in the Binghamton Area and we would rotate through them every year. But nowadays, we usually just pick one up that has already been cut down. We always get a big tree and we put that right in the living room.

This morning I had a strange but true story about upside down Christmas trees becoming a trend. According to the Kansas City Star, the upside down Christmas tree is big in Central and Eastern Europe, and now the fad is moving across the United States. You can even buy artificial trees that are designed to stand upside down. They're sold at stores such as Home Depot and Target. Check out the Kansas City Star website to see pictures of the upside down trees.

For us, will stick with the three trees we have and set them right side up.

Sports Tree, Jim Free Photo
Real Tree, Jim Free Photo

[via Kansas City Star]