Wednesday afternoon, while Chris and I we're going to the store, we noticed a sign in one of our neighbors yards. It was a sign that read  "Home of a 2020 Union-Endicott Senior".

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When we got home we checked our social media accounts and we saw  posts from some of our friends whose kids are seniors at U.E. They were all posting pictures of the signs in their front lawns.

With the schools being shut down, and the kids learning remotely, that means there will probably be no prom and no graduation ceremonies scheduled. So the signs are a nice way for the kids to get the recognition they deserve.

According to the Union-Endicott Facebook page, dozens of staff members drove through the district placing the signs in each senior’s yard. According to the post, the money for the signs came from an organization called Donors Choose, and donations from members of the community.

I remember during my senior year in high school, I tried to enjoy every day knowing that after graduation, I wouldn’t see some of my friends again. I have fond memories of my senior year including the prom, graduation, and the graduation parties. This years seniors will not have those experiences to reminisce about.

I remember when the schools first closed their doors due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I said to Chris, I feel bad for the seniors if they can’t open school again before the end of the year, because I knew they would be missing out on all the great things that happen during senior year.

I also felt bad for the senior athletes, knowing some of them would never get to compete in their sport again.

The signs are a nice gesture from the school district. I’m sure the kids appreciate it, and I know some of the parents do as well.

Does anyone know of any other school districts in our area that are doing this?

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