Endicott Police say charges are pending for the driver of a car that hit a Union Endicott student Friday evening, October 21, as the student was attempting to cross East Main Street in a cross walk.   

Village Police say an officer, located in a stationary position, was monitoring traffic in the area of the high school at 5:27 p.m. and saw the student activate the warning lights in the cross walk before being hit by the vehicle.  

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News


A news release from the Police Department says the student was walking across the street to the high school to attend the football game scheduled for that evening. 

The student was transported by ambulance to Wilson Memorial Regional Medical Center in Johnson City with serious injuries.  The patient was then transferred to Syracuse for further treatment 

Police say the teen was at first hospitalized in critical condition but is now said to be in stable condition at Upstate University Medical Center in Syracuse and is recovering. 

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Authorities have provided no further information concerning the collision, including the name of the driver, type of vehicle or speed at the time of the crash.  The police have only said their investigation is continuing and charges against the driver are pending. 

Likewise, official information concerning the victim also has been unavailable.  Other than saying the person hit by the vehicle is a Union Endicott student, authorities have not commented on the teen’s identity, age, sex or what grade at the school they are enrolled.   

Again, the investigation is continuing.  Anyone with additional information can contact the Endicott police. 

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