Thursday, after I got done with my show here on 99.1 The Whale, I headed off to my sister's house for our annual family Thanksgiving dinner. We all had a great time.

After dinner we all enjoyed ourselves playing a variety of board games before all heading back to our homes with leftover turkey, stuffing, and other Thanksgiving treats.

Then yesterday, football Sunday at the Freezone Bar and Grill, we had what we call "Friendsgiving". Everybody that comes over our house to watch football on Sundays brought a dish and all 16 of us had another Thanksgiving meal. (Keep scrolling for more)

Chris and I supplied the turkey and the stuffing. We cooked the turkeys using our turkey buckets. We made two 14 pound turkeys.

Here's how turkey in a bucket works. You need a non-galvanized bucket that you burn in an open fire and then season. You only have to do this before you use the bucket the first time.

You put a hickory stick in the ground and impale a turkey on it. Then you put the un-galvanized bucket on top, covering the bird, put charcoal, (1 pound of charcoal per 1 pound of bird) around the buckets and on top. Then you crack open a beer or three and wait.

1 hour and 25 minutes later you have a juicy turkey for all to enjoy. Check out the step by step pictures below.

I had a great time at both Thanksgiving dinners, and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well surrounded by friends and family.

Thanksgiving Turkey Bucket 2018

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