If you're anything like me, you will know that there is almost a weird pressure to have fun.

We see what everyone else is doing on Facebook, and feel like we almost need to "one-up" them, then get discouraged, because they went somewhere absolutely beautiful or fun.

But we don't have anything like that in the Binghamton area, or Southern Tier for that matter...Well guess what, you're wrong.

There's lots of fun things to do in driving distance of our area that are completely worthy of taking a trip. All you have to do is fill up the tank, and go.

We've compiled lists of all the fun things you can do that you may or may not know were in your backyard. And all of them are perfect for fall, that way you can show your friends on social media that you had an awesome fall adventure right here in the Southern Tier.

Check back here each Friday in October as we bring you all the places you can go just on a tank of gas. Click the buttons below to take a look at each week's entry!

Week One
Pumpkins Week Two
Corn Maze
Haunted House

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