Traffic in the Binghamton Area usually isn’t that bad. Yeah, it is construction season and there are construction projects all over the place, but for the most part traffic still flows smoothly. Sometimes when there is an accident, you may find yourself in a standstill on the highway for an extended period of time, but we don’t have the daily traffic headaches that the major cities have.


Today is an exception to the usual commute times in our area. Today, another one of those giant turbines will be crawling through the area. The turbine itself weighs 187 tons and is being delivered by a massive transporter that is 345 feet long and 20 feet wide.


The G.E. made turbine was scheduled to leave the Oxford rest area at 9am and will be taking up all of RT. 12 as it makes its way to the Scranton area. The vehicle moves at a rate of about 4 miles per hour so it will cause long delays. I would avoid RT. 12 at all cost today.

Here is a video of the last turbine to go through our area


[via Vera Scroggins/YouTube]

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