My husband and I are completely obsessed with a house not far from where we live in Binghamton, but as much as we love living where we do and being close to everything, we have some concerns about the safety of the neighborhood as well as the area schools. Education is huge to us and we want to make sure that our son gets the best possible, even if it means we have to move.

Unfortunately, we can't pick up and take our dream house with us, which has led us to start looking in different areas for another home. And so, we've been doing our homework. Did you know that SEVEN of the top schools in the Binghamton area are located in the same school district?

The website Great Schools is a non-profit organization which compiles profiles of more than 200,000 schools, millions of reviews from parents, teachers and students to come up with the best schools in each city and town. According to Great Schools, these are the top 16 schools in the Binghamton area.