If you saw the moon last night and thought to yourself, wow, that looks huge, wait until you see it tonight, weather permitting that is.

Tonight's supermoon is called the Pink supermoon. Even though it's called the “Pink supermoon”, will not have a pink tint to it. It was named after the creeping phlox, which is a pink wildflower that blooms around the same time as the April full moon appears. It will appear to be the biggest and brightest Moon of 2020. But, this is Binghamton after all, there's a good chance we might not be able to see it because of cloud cover.

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According to KENS, there will be a total of three supermoon this year. But tonight's Pink supermoon will be the one that comes closest to Earth which makes it appear to be the largest.

So what is a supermoon?  Supermoon is a name given to a full moon when it comes closest to the Earth According to the report, the moon will be at its fullest at 10:35 p.m. tonight our time.

If we have clear skies tomorrow morning, there would be a good chance you would still see the supermoon. But looking at the weather forecast from WBNG, we might not see it at all.

The forecast from WBNG Storm Track 12 is calling for a mostly cloudy night tonight with a chance of showers. Their hour by hour forecast shows a chance of showers right through 6 a.m. tomorrow, with mostly cloudy skies.

Hopefully there will be enough of a break in the clouds so we can get a glimpse of tonight's supermoon.

[via; KENS/WBNG]

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