If it wasn't for Covid-19, hundreds of thousands, if not a million people would be converging on Syracuse this week for the Great New York State Fair. Because of the pandemic, the governor decided that the fair will not be held this year.

The New York State Fair usually starts announcing acts for the Chevy Court free concert stage in the middle of March. That was exactly when the Coronavirus pandemic struck the United States. I'm not sure if the State Fair had any artist booked for this summer, but I didn't see any announcements made as to who would have been there this week.

Besides the entertainers, the hundreds of vendors that are at the New York State Fair every year had to wait to see if the event was going to take place.

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Chris and I go to the fair just about every other year. We walk around, eat food, play games, and check out all the exhibits. Chris' favorite part of the State Fair, besides the “Got it” game (that's the game where you throw rubber balls and try and make a bingo), is the animal exhibits. She loves going in and seeing the baby pigs and all the other animals. When it comes to food, Chris' favorite fair treat is the pizza frittes.

Besides the entertainment, my favorite part of the State Fair is the food, especially the sweet corn. When we go, we are usually there for lunch and dinner.

We are definitely going to miss the State Fair this year.

Pictures From The New York State Fair

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