The mild temperatures this weekend or a nice change of pace for early January in the Southern Tier. Sunday's temperatures broke a high temperature record.

Saturday was very windy and we saw a little bit of rain, but the temperatures got up into the 60s. I'm sure if the wind wasn't blowing a lot of people would have been wearing shorts on Saturday.

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Sunday started out nice. The wind was still a little bit of a factor, but according to the National Weather Service, on Sunday, the high at the Greater Binghamton Airport reached 61 degrees, which broke the record of 60° that was set two years ago in 2018.

The weather was so nice yesterday, I went outside and took down all the Christmas lights, the Christmas yard displays, and all the holly from around our doors and windows on the house. The temperature dropped rapidly in the afternoon. I went from wearing a sweatshirt at 1:30, to a winter coat at 8.

Once the holidays are over, I usually look at the forecast to try and find a day where it's not freezing to go out side to “dechristmas" our house if you will. There's been times in the past where because either we had snow or frigid temperatures, the lights stayed on our bushes until spring.

So even though I was outside doing that, I still enjoyed it because I was outside enjoying the mild temperatures.

I hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the weather this weekend as well, because who knows when we will see temperatures reach 60 degrees again.

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