If you've read my articles over the years, you know that one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite thing to do, is spend time at a campground in the beautiful Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Ever since I left my rural childhood home in the late 1970s, I've lived in a city. Growing up in the country was kind of boring for me. I lived too far out from my school friends, and there was no one near where I lived that was around my age to hang around with.

I couldn't wait to get out of the country and into city living. Well, fast forward a few decades of living in various cities, I now wish I was living back in the country. I own a home in the city and residential buildings are within a few feet of my home on both sides. I don't get much privacy.

I have no plans in the near future to sell and move away, so that's why I made the investment into a camper and set up a seasonal site at a campground in Pennsylvania where the countryside is beautiful, and my site is in a corner in the back part of the campground. It's a place where I get to relax, be stress free and enjoy being back in the country. See what I mean in these pictures I took, below.

Why I Love To Camp


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