This was a Strange But True story that I aired this morning. And like I said on the air this morning, no matter what you have done to aggravate your wife recently, it can't be as bad as what this guy did.

According to the Providence Journal, an unidentified husband and wife were on their 39-foot sailboat Friday afternoon sailing from Newport Rhode Island to East Greenwich Rhode Island. At some point during the trip, the woman fell overboard. She managed to save herself by swimming to an island and was rescued around 4 a.m. on Saturday by the Coast Guard. Her husband had no idea she went overboard. He thought she was below the deck the whole time while he was sailing. It was only after he docked his boat at 2 in the morning that he realized his wife was not on board.

I think it's possible that he didn't know she was no longer on the boat. First of all, it's late at night so maybe he thought she was downstairs sleeping. And you know the saying 'let a sleeping dog lie'. Maybe she is constantly nagging him and he was enjoying the peacefulness of the sea.

I'm glad to hear she survived and I will wait and see if we get an update on whether or not the husband survives. Because I'm sure she was thinking of ways to kill him and hide his body while she was swimming to the island and waiting to be rescued.

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