Covid-19 is changing our lives immensely. That's nothing you don't already know. While this pandemic is a terrible thing, it's amazing to see how much people are coming together in a million different ways.

It could be an uplifting social media post, impromptu video concert, crazy at home stunts, making donations, helping other people from a distance or whatever, I am so impressed how we are all coping with the new normal.

On Wednesday, (April 1st), Broome County Executive Jason Garner shared a GoFundMe fundraiser on his Twitter page. The family of one of the Broome County coronavirus deaths is raising money for local first responders, hospitals, and more in lieu of flowers. That's an amazing thing to do. Their goal was $2000, and as of midday Thursday (April 2nd), about $11,000 has been raised. The power of our community is so strong. We certainly do look out for each other.

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It's important that we continue to thank our first responders and essential workers. They deserve to be recognized and appreciated. I can't imagine out hard it is to be in the medical field right now. It must feel like a war zone. To keep your head up day in and day out, long hours, frustration and who knows except them, other hardships they are going through at work and at home.

And that's why we need to continue to support everyone who is serving right now. From the taxi cab driver, your local mail person, grocery store clerk, essential retail staff, restaurant staff, medical personnel who are fighting to keep us alive and healthy and everyone else in between.

All of us at 99.1 The Whale thank them all, and will continue to be here to support and appreciate everything they are doing for us.

via GoFundMe

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