Since I've been trying to get past my recent bout with Coronavirus ( and it's been a real struggle), I'm trying to relax and sleep as much as possible.

Of course, that's easier said than done. I can only sleep so much, and then I've got to be doing something productive most of the time. Sitting still for long periods of time is not in my wheelhouse.

But because rest is best during this crappy virus I somehow contracted, I spend lots of my waking hours on Sunday watching pro football. Watching the teams who are a part of the NFC East has been a circus. I don't even remember when all four teams were so crappy.

But, it's been exciting to watch the New York Giants win four games in a row after losing their first five and getting themselves a tie with Washington for the number one slot in the NFC East, both with an overall losing record of course.

Last Sunday, three out of the four NFC East teams got their acts together and got a win, that is except for the New York Giants. I kind of had a inkling that they would not get past the 6-6 Arizona Cardinals, and I was right, unfortunately. That loss coupled with a Washington win, brought the Giants back to second place.

They've got a tough schedule to get through the rest of the season, but hopefully they will pick up a couple of wins to salvage the season and who knows, maybe they could win the division and go into the playoffs. The next few weekends will tell the tale.

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