Six months ago (May 1st) I declared it the Happiest Day of the Year. Why? Well, because it was day one of the six month camping season. October 31st was the last day of the season for the campground I have a seasonal site at.

To say I'm a bit depressed would be an understatement. Fine, you may label me a bit weird, but I really enjoy being outdoors in the country on top of a hill in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, featuring weekend and vacation campfires, great camp friends, good food and lots of beer.

For the next six months, instead of looking at the beautiful hills and farmland around the campground along with the endless stars in the sky, I will look at tons of traffic on the road I live on, stars blocked by the lights of the city and the endless noise of the huge apartment buildings on both sides of my house. Delightful.

I could sell my house and move to the country, but that's not in the cards right now. Things could be worse, I guess. The countdown clock on my desk at work has been reset. As of today (11/2) it's says 180 days to camping season - May 1st, 2018,

The virtual campfire on my TV screen just isn't cutting it right now.Sigh.

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