The first time I went to see AC/DC I was literally blown away. Hearing those songs live with all the energy that every member of that band was putting off, plus all the lights and the pyrotechnics, made it one of the top 5 shows that I have ever seen. It might even be the second best show I've ever seen. Still, to this day, I think the coolest song to see performed live is 'For Those About To Rock'. When those cannons start going off, it truly is one of the coolest live performances you will ever see.

You have Angus out there doing that skip kick thing he does in his schoolboy outfit while playing an awesome guitar. Brian Johnson at his age, running around the stage and swinging from the rope, hanging from the massive bell for 'Hells Bells'. And then there was the rest of the band. Including Malcolm Young on rhythm guitar. Malcolm was the one that always just bobbed his head and kind of looked around like he was really pissed off about something.

The first time I met them, they were all very cool. They were very friendly, welcoming, and very modest. I've met some bands that acted like their poop didn't stink, these guys had every right to act that way, but they didn't. There is no doubt that AC/DC is one of the, if not the biggest hard rock / heavy metal band ever. A lot of that is due to Malcolm Young on rhythm guitar.

When you mention AC/DC everybody thinks Angus, then Brian Johnson, and then Bon Scott, but Malcolm Young was the rhythm of that band. I remember just a couple years ago when they said he was diagnosed with dementia and would not be touring with the band anymore, felt bad for him and their fans. I was hoping it wasn't the end and that maybe he could play with them some more. Obviously, that will never happen.

Thank you, Malcolm Young, for all those awesome songs that you gave us. Rest in peace, my friend.

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