For the last 27 seasons, people have gone on national TV to tell Jerry Springer all sorts of horror stories that happened in their personal lives. The show was known for fights, profanity, and lovers finding out that their significant other was not who they thought they were. Plus there was plenty of flying chairs, punches thrown and hair pulling as well.

Yahoo is reporting that the Jerry Springer Show, which has filmed nearly 4,000 episodes, is apparently coming to an end. Jerry Springer, who was at one time the mayor of Cincinnati, started on TV in the fall of 1991. Back then, his daytime talk show looked like every other talk show on TV, but eventually, it took on a style of its own.

I used to watch The Jerry Springer Show and laugh. No matter what was going on in my life at the time, it seemed very minuscule compared to what Jerry's guests were going through. As time went on, I started to wonder if those shows were staged and all of their so-called "guests" were really just actors.  Eventually, to me, it seemed like all the shows were turning into the same thing. There were some shows where the second someone walked on the stage, even before a word was said, a fight would break out. The show became so popular that Springers former security man, Steve Wilkos, got his own show, which was pretty much the same thing as the Jerry Springer Show.

One thing that always made me laugh was at the end of each episode where Jerry would come on with his commentary about what just transpired over the last hour. He would try and put a positive spin on it and would attempt to turn it into a learning lesson for all his viewers. I think we all know people that would have made great guests on Jerry Springer. I'm just glad I didn't know any of them personally. So rest in peace Jerry Springer Show, even though to be honest, I didn't know it was even still on the air.

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