Did you ever read a warning and think to yourself, are we really that stupid that they need to warn us not to do that? Most warnings come across as obvious to anyone with common sense. And you think this would be the case when it comes to using condoms, but according to a report on Askmen, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a statement reminding Americans that you shouldn't wash and reuse condoms. They are not like a pair of rubber gloves that you would use to wash dishes or to do other household chores, condoms are made for one-time-use. People have responded to the CDC's post asking if it was really necessary to remind people not to reuse condoms, and the CDC responded by saying 'we say it because people do it'.

I remember back in the mid-eighties, I was always nervous when buying condoms. I was always worried that I would run into someone that knew me and that they would tell my parents that their good Catholic son was buying birth control. I used to drive 15 minutes from my hometown just to purchase them.

Since the 90s people have openly discussed the benefits of using condoms as a way to slow the spread of AIDS. Condoms were being handed out at schools as well as some nonprofit organizations to help combat the disease. Of course, condoms are not 100% effective when it comes to preventing pregnancy or preventing the spread of disease, but besides abstinence, they may the best line of defense. Studies show condoms are highly effective in reducing the risk of transmitting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. If you can't afford new condoms you can check out the Condom Finder website for a list of locations that give away free condoms.

[via Ask Men]

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