Today (4/10) my countdown clock to camping season (at least for me) shows 20 days left. May 1st, you will hear me on The Whale, but as soon as my show is done, I'm heading south to day one of camping season, and will be gone for a couple of days.

This is what I lovingly call the most wonderful day of the year. Yes, it's a bit strange, but after 7 months of winter for the most part, cabin fever is at a high pitch for me. I need!

I'm already getting stuff packed to take back to the camper. Clothes, camping items I've purchased over the winter, electronics that I brought home, the battery for the camper, and other assorted things. It's my annual ritual. Oh wait, gotta put beer on the grocery list. Almost forgot about that.

Speaking of camping, have you checked out our tent camping series with Eureka Camping Center yet? Jim Free and I have been visiting with Bill from Eureka over the past couple of weeks and we're learning all aspects of tent camping, from selecting the right tent, setting it up and other facts to get you outdoors and enjoying camping.

Check out the Eureka Camping Center tent camping videos we done so far. Bill is an expert with everything to do with tent camping and if you would like to give it a try, I recommend you do. Tent camping is a perfect way to get out of the house, maybe get out of town and enjoy the great outdoors!

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