This Saturday I was at a housewarming party for a friend of mine who was also a former co-worker. She is originally from the Brackney area in Pennsylvania. She ended up buying a house a few blocks from me in Endicott. While we were sitting in her backyard eating some food fresh off the grill and enjoying some cold adult beverages, her mother, who still lives in Brackney, was sitting behind us talking to another woman. They started talking about the Brackney Inn. I heard them say they that the owners were getting close to reopening the bar/restaurant after last October's fire. I turned and smiled at them and said that is great news.

The Brackney Inn was a cool restaurant and bar in the middle of nowhere in Brackney Pennsylvania. It was a cool place to see bands and they had very good food as well. The owners of the bar had helped me at a former job, by raising money to buy presents for underprivileged kids in our area at Christmas time. I always thought if I lived closer, it would be one of my regular hangouts. Last October fire ripped through the Historic Landmark almost destroying the whole structure. Saturday afternoon, as we were driving home from the Zoo Brew, my wife saw on Facebook that the Brackney Inn was on fire again. I could not believe what I was hearing. We were just talking about that place opening up again a few hours earlier.

I'm sure the fire department and police will be investigating to see if it is arson. Something tells me two fires in eight months is not a coincidence. If someone intentionally started the blaze, I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The owners of that establishment have lost so much already. Not to mention the employees who have been waiting to start working again, and the customers who hold the Brackney close in their hearts.

Here's to hoping the Brackney Inn will be able to pull through this.


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