I was lying in bed this past Saturday morning when my wife woke me up to tell me that the Brackney Inn had burned Friday night. My initial reaction was oh man that sucks. And then I started thinking about how much that really does suck. Once I got up out of bed, I checked online to make sure everyone got out of the fire unharmed. That is obviously the most important thing. Everybody in the Brackney and the apartments up over it managed to escape the fire.

I feel bad for Greg the owner. The Brackney Inn has always been generous to people when it comes to fundraisers. There were always fundraisers being held out there. I used to help put on Christmas parties for needy kids in our area. We had a couple fundraisers out at the Brackney Inn over the years. I remember one time, back in the nineties, we had our most successful fundraiser ever at the Brackney Inn. One night, with the help of two bands, we pulled in almost $3,000.

It was a cool place to hang out and a cool place to catch a band. The people that hung out there all the time, seemed friendly and inviting to visitors. The food was very good and the staff was always friendly.

I hope the owners can rebuild and have the Brackney open again before you know it.


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