After working hard all week, I just want to relax and unwind when I get home. Sometimes that involves Chris and I going out, sometimes with friends, and sometimes it means just hanging out on the patio. That's one of my favorite ways to unwind.

There's nothing like sitting on the patio around a campfire in our fire pit. Usually we will load up a cooler with beer and water and ice those down. Then we build a fire in the fire pit making sure we have plenty of logs close by, so we don't have to keep running in the back yard to get more. We put the dog on his run so he can hang with us on the patio, or he can go hang in the backyard.

Chris and I spend many nights in the summer sitting around the fire while listening to music and talking. Sometimes we have friends join us. And when we do, they all seem to agree, nothing is more relaxing than sitting around a campfire. Sometimes I just sit there and stare while getting hypnotized by the dancing flames.

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We're not the only ones in the neighborhood that do this. Where I live in Endicott, most of my neighbors have fire pits. Some summer nights there might be five different fire pits burning within 10 houses of ours.

As long as the mosquitoes aren't biting it makes for a nice relaxing inexpensive evening.

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