Valentine's Day is one week from today. I'm sure by now you've already ordered flowers, made reservations for dinner, picked up the perfect card, or purchased that perfect gift for your significant other, right? No? I haven't done anything yet either.

But, here are some suggestions on the best Valentine's Day gifts. A survey was done asking people what they really want for Valentine's Day. According to AP, the number one reply was a nice dinner out. 58% said that is a good gift.

It's no surprise that chocolate, flowers, and jewelry also made the list. A trip to somewhere warm or exotic finished seventh with 31% of the people saying that would be a perfect gift, but we can't all afford a trip to the Virgin Islands for Valentine's Day. Sorry, here is some scratch-off tickets.

One surprise that made the list was tickets to a comedy show. According to AP, one out of four people said that would make a good Valentine's Day gift.

And now for the worst Valentine's Day gifts. I found an article on Red Tricycle that listed the top 26 worst-ever Valentine's Day gifts. Number two was a toilet seat. Nothing says I love you like a brand new place to pop a squat.

Number 3 was jumper cables. A person said that his father gave jumper cables to his mother once as a Valentine's Day gift. She was very ticked off and would not talk to him for a couple of days. But, about a week later, her car broke down and she needed the jumper cables so his father was a hero after all.

Number 9 on the Red Tricycle list was a pre-planned funeral. That's got to be the least romantic gift ever. Number 24 on the list made me laugh as well... it was a stuffed raccoon. The woman said that she always told her husband that she liked raccoons, but didn't want one stuffed and mounted in her house. You can see the rest of that list here.

So there you go, a list of good and bad Valentine's Day gifts. And whatever you do, even if your wife said she wants one, a vacuum cleaner is not a good Valentine's Day present.

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