When it comes to traveling for Thanksgiving I'm pretty lucky I guess. For dinner, we usually head to my sister's house in my hometown of Carbondale, Pennsylvania. Carbondale is about an hour south-east of Binghamton. Usually, we leave Thursday morning to drive down. There is a little bit more traffic then there would be on a typical Thursday, but for the most part, traffic is not bad at all. Other people have much longer drives and especially heading for bigger cities, traffic is a lot worse.

According to Travel + Leisure, Google analyzed traffic from last Thanksgiving to figure out when would be the best times and worst times to drive for Thanksgiving this year. It's no surprise that the study found Wednesday afternoon is the worst time to be in your car traveling. At that time you are fighting people leaving work heading home for the holiday, and you are also fighting with people traveling to get to their Thanksgiving festivities. They say the best time to travel is on Thanksgiving Day itself if you leave early in the morning. They are saying the best time to travel on Thanksgiving is between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Then to get home, the best time to travel is on Thanksgiving after 8 p.m. The survey also found that Saturday afternoon is usually a bad time to start the drive home. Traffic won't be quite as bad as it was Wednesday, but there will be an increase in volume for sure.

If you are traveling anywhere for Thanksgiving have safe travels, don't drink and drive, and Happy Thanksgiving.



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