Yesterday the weather was perfect here in Binghamton. I know, I still can’t believe it either. For the last few months, since the baby giraffe was born, my sister Nancy, who is a great photographer, has been trying to set up a trip to Animal Adventure in Harpursville. Nancy likes photographing nature. She has a Facebook page of her photography called Free Falling Photography. She spends her days off with camera in hand and heads out to look for wildlife or just beautiful scenery. So she was in heaven yesterday when she made the drive up with two of my other sisters, Ann and Gert, and my brother-in-law Ed.

They drove up from Carbondale P.A. which is an hour southeast of Binghamton. We met on Upper Front St. and they piled in my SUV with my wife Chris and me. We walked around the park and fed the animals along the way. After Nancy had her fill of taking hundreds of pictures, we took them to Nirchi’s for some Pizza.

My sisters headed home and Chris and I went golfing. It was a perfect day for that. It was sunny and warm but not too warm. There a little bit of a breeze but not enough to affect the ball flight too much. We played nine holes and I was playing really well until we got to the ninth hole. I crushed my tee shot on the long par 5, but ripped it well left and out of bounds. I re-teed and with the penalty, ended up hitting a double bogie 7. But the beer was cold and the weather was nice so we both had a great time.

It was a great way to wrap up our anniversary weekend.

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