Labor Day weekend is traditionally known as the un-official end of Summer. It's normally the end of yearly vacations for many, the start of school and the beginning of Fall sports.

I am of the opinion that we need to hold on to Summer as long as we can, and that means beyond the official date - September 22nd - when Summer leaves us for another year. We have experienced many warm, sunny days well into October.

As Labor Day weekend comes to an end, I kind of get emotional. On the day before Labor Day, at the campground I spend much of the Summer at, has a long tradition of lining the edge of every road in camp with luminaries. At night, campers light the candles in each bag around their campsite. It's an amazing sight.

Then on Labor Day, I love to watch the Johnson City Field Days fireworks show. For me and probably many others watching, it's the farewell song to Summer.

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures will be dropping (strangely, not this week, though), the leaves will soon be dropping (some are already), pumpkin flavored everything is popping up, and the Halloween displays are everywhere.

As the official Summer season ends, let's hope for a few more weeks of warm, sunny days rather than rainy days like we experienced this year, ruining many outdoor events and more importantly, damage to homes and businesses.

Back at the Johnson City Field Days, the fireworks display ends with a spectacular show, lighting the sky full with color and loud firework sounds as they bang and sparkle. And then, silence and a sky filled with nothing but stars. It's over. A bittersweet season, but nonetheless, the end of Summer.

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